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Ep. 20 - Nick Hessler

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

"We don’t have a team. We’re the voice of 352 Division I teams. It’s great. We always like to say we never have a loser, our team always wins. But at the same time, we’re tasked with keeping the pulse on 352 Division I programs." 

Nick Hessler treats each season as its own storybook in his role as Digital Strategist and Social Media Community Manager for the NCAA. Working for the governing body of collegiate athletics, Nick considers the role of his team to be the voice of all 352 teams across a variety of sports. In addition to sharing the process his team using to develop their approach to each season, Nick also describes how the NCAA works to stay on top of all the action that happens on any given night across the country and gives insights into how his team analyses their work at the end of a season.

Nick Hessler



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