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Ep. 10 - Neil Stubley

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

"One of the things that we always try to achieve here is that if you come to the Championships, we want you to leave thinking wow, there is nowhere else on the planet like this. We want that once in a lifetime experience for someone." 

Neil Stubley is the Head of Courts and Horticulture at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. In that role, his most high-profile function is to prepare the grass courts each year for Wimbledon. Neil feels if he and his team have done their best work, you will have no reason to talk about the playing surface and instead can focus on the players. In this episode, Neil discusses the work that goes into having the courts in their peak condition for the Wimbledon fortnight, the challenges grass presents in being a living surface, the lengths the Club goes to in an effort to ensure it's not just the courts that look spectacular for the British summer and he even admits that his own lawn at home is nothing to brag about!

Below are Show Notes for our episode with Neil Stubley

Neil Stubley

About the Grass Courts,

Lawn Care Tips, 

Renovation: Stripping Center Court, Wimbledon video


Premier League Grow lights at Wimbledon, @AELTCGroundsman on Twitter 

Grasses for Sports Fields, Cornell University 

Grass courts are all about the dirt, (information on gravities tests)

Nadal-Federer 2008 final, extended highlight

Eddie Seward (photo)


SportsField Management Magazine (Formerly Sports Turf)

The Moon's a Balloon, by David Nevin   

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Nov 11, 2020

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