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Ep. 15 - Dr. Kristi Sweeney

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

"I do think the networking is really important. I think who you know is really important. But I always follow it up with what you know is really important."

Dr. Kristi Sweeney has a unique lens on the sports world as the program director and a professor of Sport Management at the University of North Florida. 

Because sports is ever-changing, so too is Dr. Sweeney’s curriculum. And the COVID pandemic has certainly raised a number of issues within sports, and she shares her view on many of those topics in this episode. That discussion ranges from the pro games all the way to youth sports. 

Dr. Sweeney also discusses her work as a professor as well as what she views as the benefits of pursuing a degree in sports and how to maximize that experience when transitioning into the profession

Show Notes for Episode 15

Dr. Kristi Sweeney

LinkedIn | UNF Bio

University of North Florida Sport Management Program

Bob Sweeney to be Inducted Into Officials Hall of Fame, Valley News Today

Atlantic School Board Approves Hiring Facilities Project Liason, Western Iowa Today

Truman State University  (formerly Northeast Missouri State) 

Northwest Missouri State University 

Loras College 

University of New Mexico 

Xavier University 

Quarterlife Crisis by Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner 

The University of North Florida 


Drivers of soccer fan loyalty: Australian evidence on the influence of team brand image, fan engagement, satisfaction and enduring involvement by Kristi Sweeney, Jin Ho Run, Philip Rosenberger III


Los Angeles Dodgers 

Linkedin Learning 


Asian Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 

Bobby Knight 

Ohio University Launches a Sports Gambling Education Certificate Program, Sporttechie 

UNH Law teams up with Sportradar to offer first-ever certificate in sports wagering and integrity 

United States of sports betting, An updated map of where every state stands


Jacksonville Giants 

Daytona International Speedway

The NBA in a Bubble

University of Florida 


PGA Tour 

ATP Tour 

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp 

Jacksonville Lot J Testing 

Patriotic Mission: Team Plane Completes Humanitarian Flight to China 

Opportunity Zone 

NFL Teams in Opportunity Zones 

2019 NFL Valuations, Forbes 

Madison Square Garden 

Patrick Ewing 

New York Knicks 

American Century Celebrity Golf Championship 

Steph Curry 

Justin Timberlake 

Curry, Timberlake shooting contest 

Peyton Manning 

Tom Brady 

The Match: Champions for Charity 

Premier Lacrosse League 

Cincinnati Bengals 

Name Image and Likeness 

California Would Allow College Athletes to Profit from Endorsements, LA Times 

Black Sox Scandal 

JT Townsend 

Muscular Dystrophy Association 

MDA Muscle Walk 

Manny Hernandez Jr

UNF Manny Hernandez Scholarship 

The Players Championship 

JJ Watt 

JJ Watt Foundation Raises $37 million for Hurricane Relief 


Silence is Not an Option with Don Lemon 

Silence is Not an Option episode with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

Sports Business Daily 

COVID-19 outlook on the US sports industry, Deloitte 

2020 Sports Industry Outlook, Deloitte 

Chase Your Dreams by Julie Ertz 

Who are Venus and Serena Williams by Who Hq, James Buckley, et al. 

Who was Jessie Owens by Who Hq, James Buckley, et al. 

What is the Women’s Rights Movement by Deborah Hopkinson, Who Hq, et al. 

What was D Day by Patricia Brennan Demuth, Who Hq, et al. 

Anne of Green Gables 

Schitt’s Creek 

2015 Women’s World Cup 


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