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Ep. 15 - Dr. Kristi Sweeney

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

"I do think the networking is really important. I think who you know is really important. But I always follow it up with what you know is really important."

Dr. Kristi Sweeney has a unique lens on the sports world as the program director and a professor of Sport Management at the University of North Florida. 

Because sports is ever-changing, so too is Dr. Sweeney’s curriculum. And the COVID pandemic has certainly raised a number of issues within sports, and she shares her view on many of those topics in this episode. That discussion ranges from the pro games all the way to youth sports. 

Dr. Sweeney also discusses her work as a professor as well as what she views as the benefits of pursuing a degree in sports and how to maximize that experience when transitioning into the profession

Show Notes for Episode 15

Dr. Kristi Sweeney




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