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Ep. 16 - Mike Mulcahey

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

"You’re a human being first, You’re a son. You’re a brother. You’re a friend. You’re a student. And then you’re an athlete.A lot of times in this climate that can get overshadowed if you allow it."

Mike Mulcahey spends a lot of time getting ready for game days, but as the assistant athletic trainer at the University of Dayton, he definitely prefers to not be pressed into duty during the action. From prehab to rehab and recovery, Mike prioritizes education and communication to develop trust with the athletes in his care. He also brings his unique brand of humor into the training room in an effort put the players at ease. Mike discusses his approach to his job in this episode, as well as his work with the NFL as a spotter and the heartbreak for the Dayton Flyers when their historic season was cut short by COVID.

Show Notes for Episode 16:




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