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Ep. 18 - Ben Solomon

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

"If you’re standing next to 50 other photographers, why are the people that are hiring you paying you what they’re paying you versus the 50 other people standing next to you?"

Ben Solomon has built a career as a sports photographer by taking advantage of any opportunity he has been given. He now shoots not only for media outlets, but also gets corporate work and serves for the official photographer at various events. In this episode, Ben shares how he goes about filling his calendar to keep a steady stream of work throughout the year. Ben also describes how to make photography into a business and how to find the best image when one of many shooting an event. He also shares advice about building a portfolio for people who aspire to get into sports photography.

Ben Solomon Bio

Ben Solomon Portfolio

George Washington University 

The GW Hatchet 

Four Good Years Behind the Lens, The GW Hatchet (2008) 

NBC Sports 

2006 Turin Olympics 

2008 Beijing Olympics 

Washington Post 

New York Times 

New York Daily News 

New York Post 

The New York Marathon 

2010 Vancouver Olympics

Sports Illustrated 

Getty Images 

New York Giants 

Roger Federer 

PGA Caddie Paul Tesori on Credentials Only 

Star Ledger 

The White House 

New York Jets 

US Open 

Australian Open 

Super Bowl

Rafael Nadal 

MLS missed shot (Red Bulls)

Tom Coughlin 


AT&T Stadium 


Serena Williams 

Serena Williams Backstage 

2010 Nadal Celebration on New York Times Front Page 

2010 Aussie Open (Fed) Sunset Photo 

Final Four 

The Masters 

US Open Golf 

PGA Championship 


Tennis Tuesday 

Blair Henley 

Nick McCarvel

Chris Clarey Twitter 

Billie Weiss Instagram 

The Great Gatsby 

Harry Potter series 


Turn: Washington’s Spies 

2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta 

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