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Ep. 22 - Stephen Duckitt

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

"The most exciting thing here is I have a blank canvas. We have a fairly youthful team and part of my remit is to take everything that I've learned from traveling around the world to sporting events and running my own and helping create a new product for World Table Tennis."

Stephen Duckitt describes it as a blank canvas on which to make art as he works to develop the newly formed World Table Tennis as its Head of Event Strategy. With a remit to operate a tour of events around the world, Stephen is involved as the start-up determines everything from rankings to optimal seating manifests at its events during this phase of its infancy. Stephen, whose background is in professional tennis in communications and as tournament director of events in China, shares both the opportunities and the obstacles that come with creating a brand-new organization.

Stephen Duckitt


World Table Tennis  

WTT Info Video

Most popular sports in the world, SportsShow  

NOTE - Updated for 2020 was released within days of episode recording

乒乓球 (Pīngpāng qiú) table tennis in Chinese

China continue to lead the way, BBC 

How Ping-Pong Diplomacy Thawed the Cold War,  History 

ITTF Rankings 

History of Table Tennis, ITTF 

International Table Tennis Federation

International Olympic Committee

United States Olympic Committee 

Australian Olympic Committee 

British Olympic Association 

Australian Table Tennis 

USA Table Tennis 

2020 ITTF Annual General Meeting 

ATP Tour 


Formula 1 

Serena Williams 

Tiger Woods 

Roger Federer 

LeBron James 

Arthur Ashe Stadium at US Open 

Centre Court at Wimbledon 

Rod Laver Arena at Australian Open 


Philippe Le Floc’h appointed Senior Commercial Strategy Consultant

Durban to Host 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals  US Open 

Western & Southern Open 

ASB Classic in Auckland 


Liu Guoliang Chair of WTT Council 

2019 Australian Open Rewind 


Inside The Games 


Mailmain Group - China Sports Business Weekly 

The Starbucks Experience by Joseph Michelli 

Inward by Yung Pueblo 

The Crown 

2000 Sydney Olympics 

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