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Ep. 27 - Tara Baker

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

"The way I always look at it is like ESPN gave me my background and basis for number one, what is a good story? Number two, how do you utilize that story and, and make it something that is going to impact other people?"

Tara Baker feels she has millions of stories to tell as part of her work with Special Olympics as Director of Marketing & Communications. In her role, Tara liaises with North American chapters of the organization, providing her a constant feed of stories about athletes, coaches and volunteers within Special Olympics, an organization that provides inclusion opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Her role also involves being a key member of the communications staff at major Special Olympic competitions, including the USA and World games. Tara shares how her storytelling began during her time at ESPN where she was a member of the creative content team doing feature stories and other elements across a variety of sports.

Below are Show Notes for Episode 27:

Tara Baker

Jonny Pierce - Special Olympics swimmer who competed at Paralympics

Matti Hill

Richard Sweeney

Justin Fredericks


Special Olympics Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

One Life by Megan Rapinoe

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