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Ep. 29 - Matt McEwan

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

"There are certain data people that just go by the numbers. I love numbers, but you need some context with it, too. You need to be able to tie in the specifics from certain games."

As Editor in Chief at, Matt McEwan oversees a team that looks to provide as much information and insight as possible to bettors. That ranges from their Betting 101 content that explains how it all works to providing in-depth analysis of upcoming contests. In this episode, Matt offers a brief tutorial about wagering on sports, offering definitions of many of the common terms one will encounter during a foray into sports betting. He also explains what information his site provides and how it can help a gambler make better decisions and, hopefully, find more success. Matt also shares his picks on several sports, including not only who he expects to see in the Super Bowl but also which teams he considers to be good value bets to play for the NFL Championship.

Below are Show Notes for Episode 29:

Matt McEwan

Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter

2018 United States Supreme Court Ruling related to sports betting (Forbes)

Current states that allow sports betting (

In-depth sports betting guides from

How to read and calculate sports odds (

Betting against the spread explained (

What happens to your bet with a push (

Everything you need to understand total (over/under) betting (

What's the juice or vig (

Parlays & Teasers explained (

What is an if (each way) bet? (

What are prop bets? (

The rise of Daily Fantasy and sports betting (

Futures best: Make the best calls (

Futures Odds Trackers (

What is a Bad Beat (Sports Illustrated)

Late Bengals TD against Giants

Late Ravens TD against Steelers

Very Late Eagles TD against Seahawks

Late 49ers TD against Packers

How using the Kelly Criterion can boost your bankroll (

Broncos vs Chiefs Week 13 Match Up Page (

Week 13 NFL Upset Picks (

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder (1996 NY Times obituary)

Here is the sad state of the Patriots through seven games (CBS Boston)

Kyle Shanahan owns Sean McVay (Fan Duel)

Titans blow out Colts (

2020 NFL Wins Total Tracker (

This is why the Broncos have no quarterbacks (Sporting News)

SBD Plus

SBD Play

2018 Miss Universe Odds (

SBD Election coverage

SBD Grammy odds

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes

Las Vegas Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger

Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill

Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks

Drew Brees

Brees Fractured Ribs, Collapsed Lung (Pro Football Talk)

Taysom Hill

Aaron Rodgers

Los Angeles Lakers

Toronto Maple Leafs

Atlanta Braves


Follow the Money, VSiN

Bang the Book

Kelly in Vegas

Cabbie Richards

Ben Fawkes

Joe Ostrowski

Todd Fuhrman

Rob Pizzola

The Reckoning by Mary Trump

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The Walking Dead

American Murder

John Elway helicopter dive in Super Bowl XXXII

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