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Ep. 30 - Melissa Beasley

“I'm kind of the middle person that's making sure that the wheels are turning so that everybody knows what's going on. Communication is key. When you're dealing with 50 to 60 people, moving them and just making sure that everyone knows what the plan is.”

If travel headaches are not your thing, you definitely should not get a job like Melissa Beasley’s. As Director of Operations for the Cross Country and Track & Field teams at the University of Georgia, any snafu with a bus or a flight for the traveling party of as many as 70 is her problem to solve.

In this episode, Melissa shares how she enjoys planning all the details related to her team’s travels as well as how much she enjoys seeing the success of her athletes she works with during competition.

Melissa also discusses her time working at USA Track & Field, including at three Olympics, and at ESPN. She also considers relationship building very important in her career and she shares some great advice for students looking to get into the sports industry.

You can find show notes below the episode player.

Melissa Beasley

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No, really email her!


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