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Ep. 34 - Kristen Fulmer

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

"My wish for the next few years is hopefully a minimum standard. I would love to see leagues providing guidance and stronger language to hold teams somewhat accountable for that."

Kristen Fulmer brings a wealth of non-sports experience with her as the Founder of Recipric. Careful to distinguish it as an agency not a consultancy, Recipric is seeking to redefine homefield advantage by working with organizations to bring sustainability to many facets of an operation. A big part of this effort is related to the environment and finding energy and waste reductions, but Kristen also works with teams to find efficiencies and opportunities to improve performance of both front office staff and players. Kristen views the events of 2020 as a great opportunity to do things differently as arenas and stadiums slowly begin filling again. She also sees the past year as pivotal for athletes and teams pursuing social justice, which she feels is in line with sustainability goals.

Listen to the episode here and below it you can find show notes.

Kristen Fulmer

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About | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

Class A Office Space

Color temperature of lighting

Circadian rhythm

Green Sports Alliance

Green Sports Alliance Summit


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Anaerobic Digester at

Cleveland's Progressive Field

Recipric at 2019 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

College Green Team example - University of Washington

Hard Rock Stadium to Eliminate 99.4% of Single Use Plastics by 2020 - Forbes, Nov. 2019

Sports Stadiums Embrace the Advantages of LED Lights - Washington Post, Oct. 2014

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Giants Play Under Eerie Orange Skies - USA Today, Sept. 2020

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2020 Sportsperson of the Year: The Activist Athlete - Sports Illustrated, Dec. 2020

Voting, Activism Replace Practice, Games in US Sports World - AP, Nov. 2020

Nelson Mandela and Sports - Yahoo!, Dec. 2013

Sports Figures Speak Out Against the Killing of George Floyd - NPR

NFL Teams Aid in COVID Relief - NFL, March 2020

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Brent Suter on Green Sports Blog

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