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Ep. 35 - Todd Martin

"We believe that the history we preserve, the legends that we celebrate and the service that we provide the community all are inspirations for both future generations and current generations of tennis lovers, but also society at large."

Todd Martin knows plenty about tennis having played professionally for more than a decade before coaching both juniors and pros. While the sport is familiar, there has been a lot to learn for Todd in his current role as CEO of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. In addition to the standard fare for a Hall of Fame of induction ceremonies and a museum, Todd is also charged with overseeing many other facets of their operations including a tennis club, an ATP tournament, event rentals and all business related to the Hall such as sponsorships and fundraising. In this episode, Todd, a former President of the ATP Players Council, also provides his view of the current governance of the Tour and also shares what he considers to be an issue he battled as a player.

Listen to the episode here and below find show notes:


The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy

The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese

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