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Ep. 37 - Matt Humphrey

"I would say almost to a driver, they all get it. They all get the importance of the media and the importance of having media tell their story and the power that the media has to tell their story and to deliver value to not only NASCAR, but also their brand."

Matt Humphrey does not need a lot of motivation to get to work because the sensory overload he experiences from being on the infield of a track stands his hair on end and keeps him excited to come back as Director, Racing Communications at NASCAR. In this episode, Matt discusses why he thinks NASCAR is at the dawning of a golden age, sharing how a revamped schedule and celebrity ownership, among other things, have a lot to do with that. He also provides an insider’s look at what was like to be one of the very first sports to return to competition following the initial COVID-19 suspension. Matt also shares how he keeps up with drivers across a number of different racing circuits, how he and his colleagues prepare to handle a serious incident on a track and how it benefits NASCAR that so many people in all aspects of the sport tend to stay involved for many, many years.

Listen to the episode here and find show notes below.

Matt Humphrey

Daytona Dynasty - on the France Family (2013)


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