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Ep. 39 - Aaron Drogoszewski

"There's a difference between walking through the door and showing up. You can walk through the door and most times you can get your job done. But was it your best? And doesn't matter how it compares to others. It's not relative to others. It's relative to you."

Aaron Drogoszewski knows plenty about the importance of recuperation as a former athlete himself which is why he set out to create a recovery studio in New York City. Quickly he discovered it was not just athletes who were looking to better their performance through the use of the tools at ReCOVER. In this episode, Aaron explains what many of the different methods there are available to elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. He also shares how these same tools can also be beneficial to non-athletes for instances such as jet lag and stress relief. Self-professed to “geek out on the science,” there is a ton of tech talk in this episode as Aaron explains not only the technology but also the benefits of a variety of recovery techniques.

Listen to this episode here and below find show notes.

Aaron Drogoszewski

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Tom Brady on recovery -

Lebron James and Mike Mancias - The Tim Ferriss Show

Roger Bannister runs first four-minute mile

LeBron James reportedly spends $1.5 million to take care of his body - Business Insider

ATP production

Theta brainwaves


Foam rollers

Myofascial release


Lactic acid




CVAC Cylic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning

VO2 max (endurance)

EPO Erythropoietin

EPO in cycling



Metabolic Biomarkers for Prognostic Prediction of Pre-Diabetes

Infared sauna

Infared wavelengths

Red light therapy



Heart Rate Variability



Apple Watch

Brain Wave Frequencies (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta)


Binaural Beats

Reticular Activating System


Game Ready

Joe Cannon

Golden Gloves

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Max Kellerman

Larry Holmes


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Bulletproof Radio

NASM Webinars

Revisionist History

The HoneyDue

Ben Greenfield

Jocko Willock

David Goggins

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Memoirs and Misinformation by Jim Carrey

Jeff Daniels

Mike Tyson


Arian Foster

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