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Ep. 40 - Jeff Chandler

"We are analyzing everything else out in the marketplace to help inform us in our decisions across the company. So not just on the marketing side, but on the product side as well."

Jeff Chandler remembers when he started with Fanatics in 2008 it was best known for having stores in a couple Jacksonville malls. Today, he works as Director of Business Development as the company’s officially licensed merchandise business has grown to nearly $2.5 billion of revenue per year. In this episode, Jeff describes how Fanatics uses a v-commerce approach along with data and analytics to maintain agility in order to respond to a wide variety of events across an array of sports. This model has resulted in efficiency, reduced waste and incredible growth. Jeff also looks back on his own football career as a kicker at the University of Florida and in the NFL. He also shares how he works with Fanatics to help NFL players transition out of the league through the NFLPA’s externship program.

Listen to the episode here and find show notes below:

J.J. Watt free agency (Watt signed with Arizona after this episode was recorded)

eBay Enterprise (formerly GSI Commerce)


Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan

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