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Ep. 42 - Brittany Allen

"It really requires a whole organization to work together on a whole lot of seemingly small things to make sure that this huge thing goes off without a hitch."

Brittany Allen has played a role in numerous major events during her career, including a Super Bowl, Final Four, Winter Classic and MLB All Star Game. Her experience has taught her that it’s thoroughness with all the small details – such as manhole covers – that ultimately paves the way for the big event to be a success. A Commercial Group Coordinator with the PGA of America, Brittany shares perspective on the events she has been a part of from the different roles she has had, from working for the government in the host city to her current job with a governing body. In this episode she also describes what she has learned from all her experiences along the way, including working as an executive assistant and in ticket sales. She also shares some of what she has learned from having been mentored while working with some industry legends.

Listen the episode here and find show notes below.

Brittany Allen

Whistling Straits Golf Course - Kohler, Wisconsin


Verity by Colleen Hoover

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