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Ep. 43 - Mary Carillo

"Invariably the people around me, you know, all those people that I'm so grateful for, they're all working harder than I am. I'm the one whose face is on the camera, but they're the ones who have gotten me there. And I I'm very very respectful of them and grateful to them."

Mary Carillo has won both a Sports Emmy and a Peabody Award during the career that has earned her induction to the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. A tennis analyst for nearly every network that has carried the sport in the last four decades, she is also a key contributor to NBC’s Olympic coverage and a correspondent on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. In this episode, Mary describes how while she is the face and the voice, there are many others working tirelessly behind the scenes to get any show she is a part of on the air. Mary also shares what she enjoys about storytelling, the incredible importance of research in her work, how she got her start in the business and she explains her reasoning for selecting the work she does - from passing on a college football assignment to accepting a role on the Kitten Bowl.

Listen to the episode here and fine show notes below.

Mary Carillo

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