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Ep. 45 - Kevin DeShazo

"It's such a massive shift from, 'Come scare them off of (social media),' to, 'Will you show them how to make money off of it?' And it's in just 10 years. That's a drastic, drastic change in a pretty short timespan."

Kevin DeShazo broke into sports by consulting college athletes and athletic departments about social media. In just one decade, the conversations have changed from warning of the pitfalls to encouraging engagement, and even monetization, of the platforms. His work with Fieldhouse Media is expanding to focus more on the personal development of college athletes. Kevin has now also started Culture Wins to help organizations build leaders and establish cultures to better all who are involved.

In this episode he shares great advice on all these fronts while also explaining his unique path into the sports world. He also gives an overview of all three of the books he has written, including the 2020 release “Keep Chopping Wood.”

Listen to the episode here and find show notes below.


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Where Others Won't book + pod

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

The Power of a Humble Life by Richard Simmons

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