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Ep. 48 - Simon Evans

"Players who've just come off the field and have an English guy come up to them and say, 'What happened on fourth down?' Sometimes you get a strange look with my accent, but you always got an answer."

Simon Evans has covered a wide variety of sports in nearly two decades with Reuters, but his university background in government and political science may have been his most valuable training in the past week as he covered the Super League, the doomed breakaway effort by leading European soccer clubs. As Reuters football correspondent, Simon was heavily involved with Super League coverage, securing a byline on 19 stories over a four-day period. In this episode, he explains what Super League set out to be, why it failed and what the lasting impacts may be for the clubs that tried to break away. Simon also shares how he has approached covering so many different sports during his career and what he has done to learn more about those he has not necessarily known much about. He also talks about how rare it is to be a foreign correspondent for sport and how working for an international wire service requires a very narrow approach to his writing.

You can listen to the episode here and find show notes below.

Simon Evans

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Reuters | Reuters Sports

The Super League

UEFA Champions League

Premier League


Leeds United

Leeds "Earn It" shirts


Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool wins 2019 Champions League (BBC)

Arsenal fans protest Kroenke outside ground (Reuters)

Stan Kroenke

St. Louis Rams approved for relocation to Los Angeles (Reuters)

United Soccer League

Major League Soccer


Watford secures promotion (Daily Mail)

Europa League

Miami Dolphins



1960 Premier League Champions

New Orleans Saints

The "Aints" fans wearing bags (Fox Sports)


AFL + NFL Merger (History)

Sky Sports

Gary Neville Response (video)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tweet April 18 | April 20

Martyn Ziegler on Twitter

Times Exclusive on Super League

Official Press Release from Super League

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Solskjaer press conference reaction to news

Simon Evans bylines on Super League stories

Serie A calls emergency meeting after breakaway Super League report (April 18)

United's Ferguson says breakaway league would end 70 years of history (April 18)

Top European Clubs announce breakaway Super League (April 18)

Soccer breakaway Super League announced in storm of criticism (April 18)

Source: UEFA threaten to ban breakaway clubs from all competition (April 18)

Breakaway Super League calls for talks with FIFA and UEFA (April 19)

UEFA chief's quiet rage ahead of 'fight to the end' (April 19)

UEFA lead backlash against Super League, UK government vows to step in (April 19)

'Either you are in, or you are out,' FIFA's Infantino warns Super League Clubs (April 20)

UEFA chief tells English Premier League breakaway 'Big Six' to think again (April 20)

FIFA call for Super League clarity, Perez says proposal is 'saving football' (April 20)

Exclusive: Breakaway Super League cannot go ahead, says Agnelli (April 21)

Rebel soccer clubs face break-up fees for pulling plug on Super League-source (April 21)

Politics sank Super League (April 21) Super League breakaway in tatters after English clubs quit (April 21)

Super League shelved as clubs continue to withdraw from project (April 21)

UEFA chief praises UK PM Johnson and 'fan revolution' (April 22)

Ceferin warns of 'consequences' as clubs face reprisals (April 22)

British government to consider independent regulator for football (April 22)


Andrea Agenelli

Breakaway League Cannot Go Ahead by Simon Evans

JP Morgan apologizes for funding Super League (Reuters)

Atletico Madrid

Inter Milan

Real Madrid

Florentino Perez

Super League not dead, says Perez (Reuters)


The spending strains or Europe's top soccer leagues (Reuters)

Champions League semis with Super League rebels (ESPN)

Paris Saint-Germain


Manchester City

St. Louis fans distraught as Rams head west by Simon Evans

Glazer family

Fenway Sports Group Boston Red Sox

Liverpool win Premier League title (Reuters)


Gianna Infantino

Sepp Blatter


FIFA Club World Cup


Fradi in Champions League

Rough Guide to European Football by Peterjon Cresswell, Simon Evans

1998 World Cup



Alpine Skiing


Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant play in playoff game

Lebron James

James Signs with Miami Heat

Miami Heat

Football for Dummies (USA Edition) by Howie Long, Jack Czarnecki

Usain Bolt


Miami Open

Roger Federer

Serena Williams

Doug Ferguson

Associated Press

Victoria Azarenka

Azarenka Wins 2009 Miami Open (Reuters)

Simona Halep

New York Times

Agence France-Presse

Paul Radford

Miami Herald

Cristano Ronaldo

Dan Marino

Don Shula

The Guardian

Chicago Tribune


Mark Lamport-Stokes

Gene Cherry

Tim Reynolds

The Open Championship


Olympic Games

Real Madrid team bus attacked at Liverpool (ESPN)


Gold Cup

World Cup Qualifiers

CONCACAF corruption case (Reuters)

Jack Warner, Chuck BLazer criticized by CONCACAF (Reuters)

Harry Kane


Tom Brady

The Masters

Carlo Ancelotti


AC Milan

Bayern Munich

Tom Heaton


Unofficial Partner

Tariq Panja

Rory Smith

McIlvanney on Football by Hugh McIlvanney

The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart

1981 Headingly Ashes Test

York vs Burnley 1992

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