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Ep. 48 - Simon Evans

"Players who've just come off the field and have an English guy come up to them and say, 'What happened on fourth down?' Sometimes you get a strange look with my accent, but you always got an answer."

Simon Evans has covered a wide variety of sports in nearly two decades with Reuters, but his university background in government and political science may have been his most valuable training in the past week as he covered the Super League, the doomed breakaway effort by leading European soccer clubs. As Reuters football correspondent, Simon was heavily involved with Super League coverage, securing a byline on 19 stories over a four-day period. In this episode, he explains what Super League set out to be, why it failed and what the lasting impacts may be for the clubs that tried to break away. Simon also shares how he has approached covering so many different sports during his career and what he has done to learn more about those he has not necessarily known much about. He also talks about how rare it is to be a foreign correspondent for sport and how working for an international wire service requires a very narrow approach to his writing.

You can listen to the episode here and find show notes below.

Simon Evans

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tweet April 18 | April 20

Simon Evans bylines on Super League stories

Sepp Blatter


Rough Guide to European Football by Peterjon Cresswell, Simon Evans

Football for Dummies (USA Edition) by Howie Long, Jack Czarnecki


McIlvanney on Football by Hugh McIlvanney

The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart

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