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Ep. 33 - Matt Gardner

"I think the days of utilizing all of your digital elements just to to hit as many people as possible are quickly dwindling. Finding ways that you can have one to one conversations with your fan base and your customers is really what we're all striving for."

Matt Gardner is finding more and more ways to leverage touch points with fans in his role of Vice President, Digital Media & Emerging Technology at the St. Louis Blues. In nearly two decades in the space, Matt has seen firsthand how much closer fans are able to get as new technologies have come online and knows that many of those areas of growth have been made increasingly important because of COVID-19. Matt also shares how he found value in taking on work outside of sports during his career and gives great anecdotes on what it is like to work for a team during a championship season, from how his digital team covered the Blues triumph to his own experience with the coveted Stanley Cup.

Listen to the episode with Matt Gardner here and find show notes below.


Matt Gardner

LinkedIn | Twitter St. Louis Blues

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