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Ep. 31 - Michael Cvitkovic

"I saw a business counselor, and he said, 'I want you to name me five people that you've looked up to in your career.' He says, 'Okay, so of those five, how many have lost a job?' And the answer was four. It was fascinating."

Michael Cvitkovic feels his communications background has served him well even as his career has grown beyond public relations. He has used those skills as he has taken on a number of leadership roles, including his current position as President of the Ottawa BlackJacks of the Canadian Elite Basketball League. In this episode, Michael shares how not just communications but also relationship building has been key to his professional growth. He also discusses how several of his career stops, such as the Pan Am Sports Centre and the North American Indigenous Games, have included legacy projects. Michael also shares how throughout his career mentors have helped advise him as well as insights into the challenges of taking on leadership roles.

Listen to the episode here and find Show Notes below.

Michael Cvitkovic

Rogers Cup (Toronto)

Coupe Rogers (Montreal)

Michael Downey (Follow link, click on Leadership)

Billie Jean King Cup (Formerly Fed Cup)

Aviva Centre (formerly Rexall Center)


Richard Peddie's River Bookshop

21 Leadership Lessons by Richard Peddie

My Dream Job by Richard Peddie

Bills Super Bowl losses (ESPN 30 for 30)

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